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Fire Alarm and Suppression Products, Manufacturers and Services 

Fire is not our middle name, it's our first name.  Firepower engineers, designs, and installs fire alarm systems from small conventional systems to fully networked addressable campus and high-rise applications. Firepower currently sells, installs, services, distributes and actively promotes the following fire alarm products:
  • Siemens -Complete innovative systems for every demand. Systems are scalable from simple notification and detection systems to complex voice evacuation systems that are easy to use and expand.
  • Fire-Lite & Silent Knight - These proven manufacturers provide dependable quality in small to mid-sized fire alarm applications.
  • Honeywell Vista Products - Providing the combination of fire alarm protection with the features of a burglar alarm system, these combination systems are UL certified and approved by local fire authorities.
  • Sinorix - An intelligent and customizable fire suppression system solution using an environmentally safe, EPA approved suppression agent.
  • Wheelock  - Notification appliances such as horns, strobes, speakers and bells.
  • Kidde - Complete line of fire extinguishers.

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Firepower specializes in the design and installation of closed circuit television systems for your home or business. We offer the flexibility of a comprehensive video management system with video analytics or a standalone DVR for personal playback. Our goal is to provide an optimized system at optimal cost with optimal effectiveness.
Firepower currently sells, installs, services distributes and actively promotes the following CCTV products:

  • Vicon – ViconNet Video Management Software provides a secure open architecture network solution designed to support network video recorder (NVR) or hybrid installations of any size.  It is offered for use on third-party workstations or conveniently pre-loaded onto Vicon NVRs and network DVRs. Vicon offers a full line of cameras and recording hardware.  www.vicon-security.com
  • Digital Watchdog –They offer a wide range of conventional and IP cameras with network capable DVRs for local or internet viewing through your PC or smart phone. www.dwcc.tv
ACCESS CONTROL      click here >

Firepower can design an access control system from basic proximity card reader systems to the leading-edge in biometric technology.  Systems can also be integrated to work with your new or existing intrusion/fire detection system.   Whether permanently set or on a timed schedule, a record can be made of which employee entered a specific area and on what day and time.  This type of system relieves you of the need to change locks and keys when an employee is terminated. No matter how large or small the company, we can provide access control with alarm system integration and reporting that will offer protection and provide peace of mind.
Firepower currently distributes and actively promotes the following lines of access control products:

  • DSX - DSX offers symmetrical scalability. Grow your system from one location and one PC to 32,000 locations and up to 999 PCs on a wide area network. 
  • www.dsxinc.com

Firepower uses Honeywell, Bosch, & DSC security products that offer performance, protection and peace of mind you can rely on.  When it comes to protecting what you value most - the security of your business and your family - look to a quality system from Firepower for peace of mind. 

We can work with you to design a security system so flexible that it meets your needs precisely, whether in a  commercial or residential application. There is no need to install multiple systems.  Intrusion, fire, access control and video surveillance can be combined into one flexible and upgradeable system.  And since phone lines are being quickly replaced by constantly changing communication technology, Firepower offers web based interaction with your alarm system. You can view, arm, disarm, view alarm notifications and troubleshoot right from your web enabled device, i.e. desktop or phone. 


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Communication Systems

Nurse call is often referred to in a general sense as “health care communications.” Firepower has many years of experience in engineering and providing nurse and emergency call systems.     These can range from the simple light and buzzer configurations to the CPU-based addressable systems with full duplex intercom and staff pocket pagers.  Firepower takes the pocket pager concept to the next level by providing custom integrated personal annunciation of nurse call, fire alarm door security, telephone and other in-facility life safety and security systems though the on-site pager.

Firepower uses Tektone products, a trusted leader in health care systems since 1973.  They design and manufacture nurse call, wireless emergency call, apartment entry, radio pocket paging and area of rescue assistance systems. 

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Protecting your property 24 hours a day

Your system can be monitored by a central station which is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by highly skilled operators trained to respond to emergencies.  Should they receive a burglary, fire, medical or other emergency signal, security professionals can contact you to verify alarms before sending help. This may prevent costly false alarm fees.  Fire, police or other emergency personnel can be quickly summoned to you. 

Firepower is “In Business for Life Safety.”  We are a local company committed to protecting your home or business with a comprehensive combination of life safety solutions and unmatched personal service.  Our end product is the peace of mind our customers enjoy from knowing that a wealth of experience, innovation and proven performance is included with every system.

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